The BMB retreat was not something that one just attends, rather it was something that one experiences.  It was as much of a physical journey as it was emotionally and spiritually. Honestly, I didn’t know what to expect…I was going on a trip with, for the most part, a group of strangers who the only thing I had in common with was a love for working out. Nonetheless, I had every intention to be mindful, sensitive and outgoing. 

Upon arriving at our rustic, yet beautiful and amazing resort, I felt all the great energy it had to offer. In addition, the food and the drinks were natural, healthy and very well done. Our group was filled with amazing people who truly wanted to share themselves with one another and experience each other in a pure way.  Our leaders, Tara & Jillian, were incredibly accommodating, helpful and giving.  The workouts and yoga were well planned and absolutely fantastic! I can’t wait for the next retreat as I no doubt will attend; it was wonderful. 
— Michael Kaplan

My mind, my heart, and my glutes were in heaven! One week with Tara and Jillian was absolutely transformative. Every detail of the retreat was perfection, and I left refreshed, renewed, and ready to take on the world!
— Julia Morgan

I desperately needed to clear my head and hit the reset button this year. Jillian and Tara put together the perfect combination of location, people and activities to make that happen!
— Chad Johnson

My initial hope for the week was to disconnect from everyday life – meetings, missed texts, to-do lists. But instead, I ended up fully connecting. From sweaty pats on the back to reflecting by the beach, the BMB Retreat was a week of connecting with my mind, body, and the present moment. The BMB Retreat was truly magical!
— Alyx Chapman

As soon as I heard the words “yoga, exercise, and beach” I was IN. So IN that I didn’t care I didn’t know anybody else going on this retreat except for one of the instructors, Jillian, who I would for sure follow anywhere. One of the things I loved the most about our BMB retreat was the loose schedule - we had set times for yoga and exercise every day but around that we had all the free time we wanted. It was nice to enjoy the ocean, walk along the beach, ride bikes, tour the town of Tulum, and take an excursion to swim in cenotes. I also left with a new friend network that I look forward to spending more time with away from paradise. Jillian and Tara provided a warm, welcoming, and FUN experience and I can’t wait to join their future adventures!
— Abby Radbill